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About Us

River Mill Elementary is one of a kind. The staff, students, and families are active parts of our school community that foster a positive, collaborative culture to support all students.

At River Mill our focused initiatives are:

  • Responsive Classroom-Building strong relationships with students focusing on the social and emotional competences as well as the academic competencies.

  • Standards Based Learning and Reporting-We are focused on the learning our students do to master our essential learning standards.

  • DuFour Model Professional Learning Communities- Teachers learning from each other, focused on student data, and how they can improve their practices based upon that data.

  • Inclusive Practices- Supporting the needs of every child.

  • Language For All- An inclusive program for all kindergarten and 1st Grade students to build their academic language and social skills on how to be a successful student through peer to peer discourse and engaging teaching practices.

  • Evidence Based Leadership- Using 90 day cycles, leaders take data, and create leadership action plans using a Plan, Do, Study, Act approach.

In 2015, we re-opened River Mill our student population was 280 students. Today we have 475 students and have added a Pre-K program to support early learning. As we have grown in numbers so have our State test scores. We have hit the high mark in growth, and have improved our overall math and reading scores over the past 4 years in the Smarter Balanced State Assessment. We earned the Beacon School Award of 2018-19 for our work in Imagine Learning with our students who are emerging bilinguals.

We have a full time music, P.E. and library program. Students receive instruction in one of these areas every day. We are a Title 1 school, which offers intervention support in reading and math.

In every classroom, every morning starts with a morning meeting. This is a time to build relationships, create a classroom community, and help students feel valued and important. Every classroom has a calming corner, where students can come and go when they need a break or are feeling overwhelmed. This is in an effort to get students regulated and ready to learn.

We are proud of our River Mill community and work hard every day to do what is best for our students. What makes River Mill Elementary different is the people. We care about our students, our families, and our community. We take a collaborative approach to problem solving and the improvement of our practices. We value everyone and see the importance of what they bring to our community.

Every Student. Every Day. Whatever It Takes!